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Google introduced vending machines selling games

Jan 19, 2019

Vending machines in Japan is now becoming more and more popular, sometimes it can be seen in the street a row of vending machines, sell a variety of goods, drinks, snacks and so on can be inside the vending machine to buy, then inside the vending machine can buy mobile games? For a period of time before Google put mobile game in vending machines in Japan to sell.
Google launched Google Play vending machines in Japan, this is a novel way to buy in the face of the Android player, now this vending machine has launched three, why Google choose to invest in Japan for console vending machine experiment? Because of the history of Japanese game is longer, and a big country, Japan is a vending machine has universal vending machines, so Google choose Japan as vending machines on the site of a game.
Tokyo has ushered in the three Google Play vending machine, and put in shibuya Parco department store and enabled. Machine will have 18 different Android game, such as sega, Gameloft big game developers work will appear in them, including free and paid Android applications.
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